Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia -

Perbanas highlighted the uncertainty that has occurred this year and will continue next year. The world will not be the same as it was before the Covid-19 pandemic.
Secretary General of Perbanas Anika Faisal said business actors need agility to create business models and create new markets to keep pace with existing developments.

"Earlier, the President conveyed the uncertainty of today's keywords, in the future it will not necessarily be finished, there will continue to be uncertainty. In that context, business actors need agility to create business models and new markets," he said at the 100 Economist Workshop at CNBC Indonesia, Wednesday ( 7/9/2022).

Anika explained that the ability to quickly adapt to environmental developments encourages regulators to make policies in regulating the entire financial services industry.

"There must be a shift so that it can provide flexibility for business actors to do business and open new products with corridors that need to be maintained to financial services. For example, the importance of digitalization going forward," he explained.

Anika said that the current positive growth in banking performance could not be separated from policy making during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the relaxation given to the business sector cannot be continued next year.

According to him, the phenomenon that occurred this year in which there was a war between Russia and Ukraine resulted in a problematic supply chain war and a food crisis.

"In the future, we know that this policy will not continue, this year there will be a problematic supply chain war and a food crisis. So it is most likely not 100% back to pre-pandemic," he said.

So, he continued, the banking sector is observing that there are further studies on all segments and sectors that require attention, or additional policies on sectors that are recovering so that policy normalization can be carried out. However, there are also sectors that should be given more time.

"One of the things we are doing is making a study at this time, we hope we can contribute as Perbanas' thoughts to the government and regulators. To develop the market and potential in Indonesia itself," he concluded.